Are there social contract rules?

“Are there any rules on posting to my friends list to vote for me or for commenting back on other people’s lj idol entries? What about socially? Do people in lj idol historically care about these behaviors?”

I like this question(s) because it’s a twist on the above and feeds into our Ethical section (below).
It’s your LJ. Other than the points I make down in the Ethical section it’s not my job to police it. I’m not even going to pretend that I have that authority.

I have the power to get irritated with you (again, see that section below) but asking your friends to come out and support you isn’t something that is going to trigger that response. :)

There is absolutely no “rule” for commenting back to other people’s entries. There is no committee set up to do it. There is only common sense.

You came here for a reason. To be a part of something. Common sense says that if you want people to comment on *your* entries, you should probably act accordingly and comment on theirs.

“Historically” – yeah. People care about it. I’ve seen perfectly wonderful writers meet their downfall because they never commented and people decided that was not acceptable.

I’ve also seen people who go *way* too social and drive folks nuts who meet the same fate.

“Being social” isn’t a “part of the game”, it’s a part of life. Like it or not. People are going to react more favorably to what you put out there if they connect to you on some level.

I’ve seen people do quite well – even WIN – without doing much interacting at all. So it’s possible. Very possible.
But especially in the early phases of the game there are A LOT of new faces. Any chance you get to put yourself out there and have them remember your name, the better.

(which is a lot like breaking into publishing or any other field for that matter – visibility and making connections matter!)

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