Can I reuse my own writing?

“But, just because I wondered sometimes last year, is one allowed to use something written before the week of the topic? How about if someone altered and changed it? Is the idea that the entries are always new and written fresh that week?”

Let’s be candid here. Since it’s just you and me. But keep this between the two of us OK?

There is literally no way that I would know if you wrote it this week or 10 years ago. There’s a good chance that no one else would either. Maybe some of your friends who read a lot of your posts. They would know.

But not anyone new.

So let’s get right down to it. Could you? Sure.

But aren’t you cheating yourself in the process? You’re the only one here who stands to gain anything from the experience. If you want to rehash old material you aren’t doing anything new with your writing.

If you aren’t going to do anything new – why are you bothering?

Like I said, I can’t stop you (as long as it’s your own work of course) but I think you need to sit down and consider *why* you would be doing it and decide if that is a good enough reason.

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