Can you tell me about the “Home Game?”

“I want to play the Home Game! How is that run? Where do I find the questions, and where do I post my answers?”

The “Home Game” is what we call it when you are not a current contestant and want to write on the topic. Maybe you were eliminated or perhaps you came along too late to sign up and so didn’t get the chance to be involved.

That’s where the Home Game comes in. It’s not a separate topic. It’s the same topic that the contestants are doing. It’s just a way of indicating that you aren’t actively playing.

There will more likely than not be a thread in the Green Room (our common area) where people can post a link to their entry. As time goes on it will become it’s own thread, but that isn’t going to be until well into the season.

My reason for that is tied into my general philosophy about Idol – it’s about our contestants.

I want you to be able to find their entries. I want people to read them. If you aren’t competing, you are someone else asking people to read your entries.

I am going to keep the attention on the contestants as much as possible.
Unless you miss the sign up deadline – you are far better off signing up than not signing up, if you want to have an audience for your work.

In the past we have also had “Free Topic”s. Free topics always have their own thread to post in and are open to everyone regardless of if you are playing or not.

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