How do I encourage voting?

There are three different ways that contestants, in the past, have encouraged their friends to vote for them through their journals. The first was to point their friends to the community and ask that they join. Then they will know when the voting polls are posted and will see the poll on their own friends list. The code to point to the community is therealljidol.

The second was to post a link to the voting poll, using the instructions above. For example, VOTE is a link to a poll posted on May 31, 2008. They may have used a “Vote Now” graphic instead of the word “Vote” but the principle is the same.

The third method was to embed the poll itself into their journal. Every poll has a “Poll #” at the very top. Using that poll number, you can embed just the part of the voting that you care about into your own journal with the code:

< lj-poll-### > where ### is the poll id.

For example, on May 31, 2008 there is a for-fun poll entry:

The poll id in this entry is 1196877. To embed this poll in your journal, the code would be:

< lj-poll-1196877 >

(remove the extra spaces)

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