How does the process of voting work?

When a Mommy vote and a Daddy vote love each other very much sometimes they can come together and make a baby vote.

Wait – wrong speech. Sorry.

That’s a more complicated question than you would think because there are variations on the answer to that due to twists and turns during the season.

The instructions will be included in the “voting post” for each week. But for the most part it is the straight forward “a poll is posted and there are clicky boxes” (as opposed to radial circles)

The box, in LJ terms, means that you can vote for as many (or few) entries as you like. (The radials, which you almost never see here except in extreme circumstances) indicate that you can only vote for one.)

The contestant with the lowest amounts of votes in each poll is eliminated.

Most times the poll will be public – meaning that anyone with a LJ can vote.

Some times the poll will be members only – which means you *have* to be a member of therealljidol community in order to cast a vote.
There have been contestant only votes over the years as well. Which is what is says it is, that only current contestants are able to vote.

There have also been “Gatekeeper” votes. Where a select panel of hand picked (by me) individuals whose opinions I trust are given the task of voting for their favorite entries.

It keeps things interesting!

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