How to link to a specific comment thread?

In the address bar at the top of the screen, you should see something
like this:


Select the entire address of the post and hit CTRL-C/COMMAND-C to copy

Alternatively, you can hover over the title of the post (usually the
date) or the “link” tag of the comment, right-click your mouse, and
select “Copy link location.”

In the post you are writing, you will need to write the following code:

< a href=” ” alt=”LJ Idol”>LJ Idol</a>

Paste the link you have copied into the quotation marks following the
href= like this:

< a href=”
alt=”LJ Idol”>LJ Idol</a>

< a
alt=”LJ Idol”>LJ Idol</a>

Now you will have a link back to a specific LJ Idol post, or even to a
specific comment thread in a post.

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