It’s A Popularity Contest, Isn’t It?


And no, if you really think about it.

The “yes” stems from those contestants  who either 1) already had larger-than-life friends’ lists upon joining Idol, or 2) have garnered a large FL from being an Idol veteran.  When you keep hitting the “refresh” button during a voting period, you may notice the votes for said contestants seem to be spiralling skyward.  You think, I don’t even have a chance here.  Why the hell am I doing this? Then you automatically keep hitting “refresh”, hoping and praying you’re in for another week (it’s also a good way to give yourself cardiac arrest, but I’m getting ahead of myself here).

One advantage you might think to having an already large FL is you automatically have their votes every week.  In some cases, this is true.

But look at it this way:  Say you don’t have a large FL.  Or maybe you do, but you know that at least half of them will not vote for you for one reason or another.   Yes, you need votes to stay in the game.  How do you get those votes?

You write the best you can write.

It’s common sense.  It’s a writing contest, after all.

If you’re a good writer, your audience will find you, whether they’re fellow contestants, people already on you FL, or the general LJ public.

In order to make it easier for your audience to find you, you also need to put yourself “out there”.

This isn’t quite as terrifying as it sounds.  You already have two methods at your disposal — the Green Room and having to make your entries “public”.  But they’re not necessarily the only methods.   There are external blogs, writing for other external blogs, perhaps making more of your own non-Idol entries “public” so more people can find you…you get the idea.

If you write well and with your heart and soul, you WILL have an audience.

It won’t happen right away, especially if you’re a newbie.

But you need to hang in there.  Stick your fingers in your ears and do the “LA LA LA LA” song when you look at the vote tallies.  Or, better yet, don’t look at them.  Turn away and write the best damned piece you can.  Keep writing the best damned pieces you can.  Your audience WILL find you.

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