Thoughts on This Season’s Idol and Last Season’s Too…

This was originally posted in my LJ in September, 2008. I was originally talking about Seasons 4 and 5, but the numbers aren’t that important.

We’ve already had one person resign in a huff because life is so unfair and everyone is so mean. Or whatever. Pretty much, my response is “kthxbye.”

I can’t quite remember anyone quitting so early last season but I could be wrong.

These are the complaints that I have heard so far:

Read lists are unfair and mean and leave people out.
My friends list isn’t as big as it appears to be
This shouldn’t be a popularity contest but it is
I don’t have time to spend all day in the Green Room so I can’t do well in this contest
et cetera

Now, here’s the deal. I personally complained about all four of these things last season, but privately, in friends locked entries. I certainly didn’t quit in a huff about it.

I went back and looked at Week 1 from last year. I was upset that I was in Tribe 3 because my friends list was not as big as it appeared to be, what with SCA personas, dead journals, and writing journals. I found an entry where I asked my friends to vote because I was about to be eliminated. I know I was downright pissed off that it was a popularity contest and not a  writing contest. I didn’t even ENTER the Green Room until sometime in the fourth week, and I rarely had time to spend all day playing there. In fact, starting in January, I was in school all day most days and didn’t get to the Green Room until after 7 pm, when everyone was already gone. As for read lists, I’ll admit I often felt hurt and dismayed when I didn’t see my name on read lists. That said, I was always elated when I did.

And yet, somehow I won.

Gary always says this: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. What happens in the first week has very little to do with what will happen over the season.

So that’s what I have to say. You can quit because it’s not fair and you don’t have a big friends list and you’re not being pointed out as a favorite. Or, you can try to make it through to the next round and see where life gets you.

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