What if I want to compete, but don’t want to use my main lj.

What if I want to compete, but don’t want to use my main lj. Is there a way I can compete with a different journal?

Yes, of course you can. WITH ONE RESTRICTION and I can’t say this in capital letters big enough:


email me and say “hey, this is partyallthetime but I’m writing under seriousstudent”

That’s all you have to do. I don’t need to know that you are doing it because you don’t want someone to see or you are a returning player who wants to try an experiment or any reason at all.

I just need to know for my own records. If you don’t tell me, and I find out at any point you will be subject to being booted.

So tell me.

Another consideration though is that if you are going to be friending other people with this journal you might want to make it clear that it’s a “writing journal” or “not my main one” etc. Because if people are opening their lives to you in *their* LJ they should probably know what is going on with yours.

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